Yoga & Meditation

Christina is a student of yoga and has been practicing for over 10 years. She received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in March 2018 at the Bhakti Center and Stanton Street Yoga, under Dhyana Masla and Syama Masla. Her training was focused on Vinyasa Yoga and was deeply embedded in the Bhakti Yoga Philosophy- the path of devotion and love of all beings. In May 2020 she completed her 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training under Yogi Charu with the Bhakti Center and now shares free guided meditation to our worldly community every Wednesday evening..


Love is inherent in the heart and its through this practice that she learned how expansive the heart can be. Christina believes that beneath all the layers of the self is the purest form of us, and that in order to get there we must start by practicing mindfulness and compassion towards ourselves and others. 

Christina's yoga classes create a space to discover and engage with the subtleties of the body and mind through a slower and reflective pace. It allows the yogi to familiarize themselves with the body in harmony with a moving meditation. It creates time and space to move through the challenges, strengthen, and go inward to connect to their truest self. 

She leads weekly online yoga and meditation classes, as well as international and local yoga retreats in Greece and the Hudson Valley of New York.

Vegan Lifestyle

Christina has been vegan for nearly 8 years and in that time have explored the depths of compassionate living. Her love for cooking stems from watching her grandmother in the kitchen, learning quickly that the secret ingredient to a delicious meal is love. This lifestyle has pushed her beyond her boundaries to explore the art of cooking from a place of kindness. She believes that vegan food is actually Compassionate Filled Food that fills the mind, body, and spirit - extending to all animals and Mother Earth. 

Her work has extended into the animal rights movement where she worked closely on campaigns, programming, and the welfare/care of other sentient beings. It has allowed her to grow and understand further that every animal has a soul, and each of those souls are journeying through this life just like us. They offer us lessons that often we have trouble getting to on our own.


Vedic Thai Yoga Massage

In the summer of 2019, Christina felt a calling to dive into the art of bodywork. After practicing hands on adjustments in the yoga classes, especially in savasana, she wanted to enhance her ability to connect with her students on an energetic level. Christina received training in Vedic Thai Bodywork with the Vedic Conservancy in Miami Beach, Florida. Through her hands on studies she learned that bodywork is an act of compassion, one that can be absorbed immediately into the body. She deeply connected to the truths that in order to heal we must treat the whole body and not just the symptoms. Our energy flows are interconnected. 

Christina now offers private healing Thai yoga sessions, to remove stagnant energy and bring harmony to the mind, body, and soul. 

Certifications & Continuing Education

200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification

Bhakti Center I Stanton Street Yoga, NYC :: April 2018::

100 hour Meditation Teacher Certification

Bhakti Center I Yogi Charu, NYC ::May 2020::

Vedic Thai Bodywork Training

Synergy Yoga Center, Miami Beach :: Sept 2019 ::

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